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Concrete Restoration

Florida’s Choice Contracting is a specialty contractor who uses the best available materials and methods to repair and restore a variety of concrete structures including high-rises, garages, elevated decks and expansion joint projects to name only a few. Our goal is to repair and replace defective or corroded concrete systems, and restore structural function and integrity to structures which have been compromised by time and the elements of the South Florida climate.

  • Concrete restoration
  • Commercial pool & deck restoration
  • High rise/commercial building painting & waterproofing
  • Balcony/catwalk slab replacement & repair
  • Stucco repair
  • Post tension cable repair
  • Deck restoration & waterproofing
  • Concrete spalling repair
  • Structural beam/column repair & replacement
  • Structural garage repair & waterproofing
  • Pool restoration
  • Epoxy injection
  • New construction management
  • New window & door installation
  • New glass & aluminium railing installation
  • General contracting services
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Painting & Waterproofing

Florida’s Choice Contracting performs waterproofing and painting for commercial buildings to minimize water intrusion which can cause structural repairs. Our services include the replacement of all window sealants, crack repair and the repair of any delaminated stucco or spalling concrete.

  • Painting of high rise buildings
  • Electrostatic metal painting (railings, windows & doors)
  • Elastomeric waterproofing painting
  • Expansion joint replacement
  • Deck coating, vehicular & pedestrian (waterproofing)
  • Planters (waterproofing)
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Committed to Excellence. Committed to Safety.

Safety is our number one concern for our employees and clients. All our project managers and superintendents strive to provide the safest possible environment for our crews and clients. Our crews are trained and compliant with OSHA requirements for safety and equipment operation.